But always connected.

Stay close to a loved one living on their own using Encircle

Proudly supported by BT, Encircle helps your loved one maintain their independence to live at home for longer, helping delay the move to a care home or retirement home.

How it works.

Using discreet sensors around your loved one’s home. Encircle will let you know all’s well, or if anything might be wrong. So when you do pop round it’s less about checking up, more about catching up. Just the way it should be.

Take the worry away.

The Encircle sensors in your loved one’s home learn their daily routines. The app also lets you set up a Care Circle of family, friends and any formal or live in carers, who all receive updates throughout their day. You can coordinate their activities using a care planner. Less worry for you, more reassurance for them.

A personal help button for 24/7 care.

For extra reassurance, your loved one can add a personal help button. Pressing this sends an instant alert to our dedicated 24/7 monitoring team. A BT support agent will try to contact your loved one to work out the next best steps. Everyone in the Care Circle will receive an app notification and SMS and be kept update

Simple to install, easy to use

Encircle is extremely simple to install and use. All your loved one needs is an internet connection. Then you just plug in the activity sensors, download the app, follow the on-screen instructions and go.

“It’s a fantastic product that can give some much needed relief from worrying over somebody vulnerable at home alone”

- Encircle Customer

Peace of mind for you, and the ones you care for.

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